The IRN Terascale is a groupement de recherche dedicated to the experimental and theoretical search for new physics at the TeV scale.

Next Events

The next Terascale meeting will be held at Subatech-Nantes on October 17 - 19, 2022 (Monday - Wednesday): indico page . We will have a joint session on the Wednesday between the Dark Universe and the GdR DUPhy, which will be also held at Nantes, in the days after our Terascale meeting (DUPHY: October 19 - 21, Wednesday to Friday).


Meetings of the IRN as well as the transparencies shown can be found in indico.

Information is exchanged (announcements of meetings etc) on the terascale-l mailing list hosted by the CC-IN2P3. The archive of the list is available via this link. To subscribe to the terascale-l mailing list hosted by the CC-IN2P3 please use this link. You will be asked to confirm your request by mail.



Higgs Nicolas Morange , Christophe Ochando , Pietro Slavich
BSM Eric Chabert , Björn Herrmann , Romain Madar , Jérémie Quevillon
Dark Universe Julien Masbou, Emmanuel Moulin, Kallia Petraki
Methods and Tools Anja Butter, Samuel Calvet, Eric Conte

Scientific Management Committee

S. Abel IPPP Durham
T. Berger-Hryn'ova LAPP Annecy
H. Dreiner Bonn University
E. Dudas CPT Palaiseau
U. Ellwanger IJCLab Orsay
N. Fornengo Univ. Torino
S. Forte Univ. Milano
R. Franceschini Univ. Roma Tre
S. Gascon-Shotkin IP2I Lyon
M.-H. Genest LPSC Grenoble
U. Goerlach IPHC Strasbourg
C. Grojean DESY Hamburg
Björn Herrmann LAPTh Annecy
C. Hugonie LUPM Montpellier
M. Kado Sapienza Univ. of Rome
J.-L. Kneur L2C Montpellier
S. Lavignac IPhT Saclay
N. Makovec IJCLab Orsay
A. Mariotti VUB Bruxelles
J. Masbou Subatch Nantes
E. Moulin IRFU Saclay
S. Muanza/L. Feligioni CPPM Marseille
M. Mühlleitner KIT
C. Ochando LLR Palaiseau
J. Orloff LPC Clermont-Ferrand
J. Ocariz LPNHE Paris
T. Plehn ITP Heidelberg
G. Salam Univ. Oxford
V. Sanz Univ. Valencia
P. Slavich LPTHE Paris
M.Taoso INFN Torino
M. Tytgat UL Bruxelles
ex-officio Group Coordinators


Marie-Hélène Genest LPSC Grenoble
Tilman Plehn ITP Heidelberg
Ana M. Teixeira LPC Clermont

Predecessors of the IRN

The Web page for the GDR Terascale 2009-2016 is available here.
Proposal 2009-2012
Project Labintel 2009-2012
The Web page for the GDR Susy 2005-2008 is available here.
The Web page for the GDR Susy 2003-2004 is available here.
The Web page for the GDR Susy 1997-2002 is available here.