The GDR Terascale is a groupement de recherche dedicated to the experimental and theoretical search for new physics at the TeV scale. The GDR is a collaboration of:

Upcoming Events

The next plenary meeting will be held May 30 to June 1 in Strasbourg , organized by Eric Chabert (IPHC) and Ulrich Goerlach (IPHC) .

General Terascale Resources

Meetings of the GDR as well as the transparencies shown can be found in indico.

Information is exchanged (announcements of meetings etc) on the terascale-l mailing list hosted by the CC-IN2P3. The archive of the list is available via this link.

The GDR Terascale is the successor of the GDR Supersymmetry. The GDR SUSY pages are available here.

Groups and Coordinators

Higgs Christophe Ochando , Pietro Slavich
BSM Eric Chabert , Marie-Helene Genest, Stephane Lavignac, Ana Teixeira
Dark Universe Emmanuel Moulin, Marco Cirelli
Methods and Tools Benjamin Fuks

Members of the Conseil du Groupement

S. Abel IPPP Durham
G. Bélanger LAPTH Annecy
M. Besançon DAPNIA Saclay
P. Binétruy APC Paris
A. Djouadi LPT Orsay
K. Desch Bonn University
E. Dudas CPT Palaiseau
P. Fayet LPTENS Paris
S. Gascon-Shotkin IPN Lyon
U. Goerlach IPHC Strasbourg
C. Grojean DESY Hamburg
C. Hugonie LUPM Montpellier
J.-L. Kneur L2C Montpellier
R. Lafaye LAPP Annecy
F. Ledroit LPSC Grenoble
N. Makovec LAL Orsay
A. Mariotti VUB Bruxelles
S. Muanza CPPM Marseille
J. Orloff LPC Clermont-Ferrand
T. Plehn ITEP Heidelberg
C. Tao CPPM Marseille
M. Tytgat UL Bruxelles
ex-officio the coordinators of the working groups


Gilbert Moultaka L2C Montpellier
Tilman Plehn ITEP Heidelberg
Dirk Zerwas LAL Orsay


Geneviève Gilbert
Bat. 200
91898 Orsay Cedex
Telephone: +33 1 64 46 84 56


Proposal 2009-2012
Project Labintel 2009-2012
The Web page for the GDR Terascale 2009-2012 is available here.