EuroGDR Groups
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  1. Supersymmetric models for colliders: eurocolliders-l

    A. Djouadi (Montpellier)
    G. Polesello (Pavia)

  2. Strings, branes and extra dimensions: euroextradim-l

    S. Abel (Durham)
    M. Besancon (Saclay)

  3. Astroparticle, cosmology and dark matter: euroastro-l

    M. Drees (Muenchen)
    Ph. Brax (Saclay)
    Dan Tovey (Sheffield)

  4. Flavours and neutrinos: euroflavours-l

    L. Silvestrini (Roma)
    H. Dreiner (Bonn)

  5. Tools: eurotools-l

    E. Perez (Saclay)
    P. Richardson (Cambridge)